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CRMUG Nashville 2017 (October 11-13)

- CRM Administration
- CRM Reporting
- CRM Sales & Marketing Toolkits
- CRM Customer Portals
- CRM Lead Nurturing

Chicago WordCamp 2018 (April 28-29)

- Choosing Hosting for Your WordPress Site
- Converting new website visitors into paying customers
- Analyze, Plan and Execute: Creating an effective SEO & Content Marketing Plan
- Voice is Becoming the New Keyboard: Voice Interfaces in 2018 and Beyond

Grand Rapids WordCamp 2018 (June 30)

- LearnDash + WooCommerce: Why I Added a Whole E-Commerce System to my LMS
- Myths and Facts About Securing Your Site
- 3 Ways to Make Your Web Forms More Awesome
- Building the Fastest WooCommerce Store Ever

Boston WordCamp 2018 (July 21-22)

- Improving Site Performance through Responsive Images
- How to Keep Your Clients on Track, Engaged and Singing Your Praises
- Making Security Make Sense to Clients
- Subscription and Membership Based Income using WooCommerce
- Make the Most of Your Mailing Lists

Chicago WordCamp For Publishers 2018 (August 8-10)

- Up to 85% faster with minimal code changes
- A faster open web: Why speed matters and how to get there
- The WP REST API as the Foundation of the Open Web
- Why we ditched AMP, and other UX choices we made for launching membership
- You, yes you, need to sketch!

Chicago Zoho CRM Plus Workshop 2018 (August 23-24)

- CRM Plus Product Overview and Customer Journey
- Lead Generation, Capturing, and Nurturing
- Measure Your Business Processes and Turn Them Into Insights
- Automate Your Help Desk and Improve Your Team’s Productivity
- Overview of Project Management, Customer Surveys and Sales Activity Management Tools