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Website Design and Digital Marketing Business Launched near Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin Website Design and Digital Marketing

We are excited to announce the website launch of Optimal Pursuits in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Optimal Pursuits is a website design and digital marketing company located near Kenosha, Wisconsin. Everyone claims a business needs a website, but it is important to understand how exactly a website will be utilized to improve your bottom-line.

Most websites contain a basic layout which includes the following pages:

  • Home
  • Services
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

While the above static website design structure can work as a brochure to explain your business, Optimal Pursuits takes a step further. We strive to design a website that progressively adds value to a visitor in order to influence engagement with your business.

The Website Design Strategy

One approach is to develop a lead generation funnel that educates a visitor on which services or products your business offers. Then, we define the visitor’s reason for the visit–they are looking for a solution to a particular problem. If you are able to articulate their problem, there is a higher chance that the visitor will further engage in your website content.

After describing a visitor’s problem, you must agitate the problem by describing the pain that is felt by the visitor as they performing a particular task. At this point, the visitor resonates with your content. You have described their problem and have described the pain points.

As a final step, you must offer the solution to their problem. This is where your service or a product comes into play. While your offering may have particular features, it is very important to articulate the benefits of your service or product. These benefits must ease the visitor’s pain. This is the only way you will be able to influence your visitor to take the next action. That action may be to buy your service or product, contact you via a form, or schedule a call.

The four step strategy described above is very popular. Your website page must define the problem, agitate the problem, offer a solution, and a call to action.

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Timeline to Launch a Website Design Project

Whether you have an existing website that needs a redesign or if you are looking to build a first-time website, Optimal Pursuits near Kenosha, WI can be your one-stop shop for website design, development, and marketing. While we can build websites for any industry and develop complicated website functionality, we are looking to be your company’s digital marketing partner.

Our website design process takes a maximum of 6 weeks and include the following stages

  • Discovery and Competitive Research
    • Establish company mission, target audience and competitors
  • Website Design Mockups
    • Create a website home page design
  • Website Development
    • Create the website on WordPress platform
    • Configure basic Search Engine Optimization to show up in Google Search results
    • Configure Google Analytics to track visitors
  • Quality Assurance and User Experience Testing
    • Make sure website looks professional across all devices and browsers
  • Delivery and Website Launch
    • Configure hosting, domain, emails, and make website visible to the public
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Understanding Your Business Needs

Before we can design and develop your business website, we must learn about your business vision, mission, and goals. On top of this, we must also understand your target audience as well as the unique benefit of your service or a product compared your competitors.

Once we understand your business mission, our team at Optimal Pursuits begins the process of creating a website design mockup. We create the visual structure of your website home page and present it for approval before we begin creating the website. The mockup will include your brand colors, font selection, a logo, and major section designs.

Once you approve the mockup design, we begin actual website development. Our preferred platform to develop the website is WordPress. WordPress powers nearly one third of all websites and has an admin dashboard that allows for novice administrators to manage a website. Of course, there are advanced implementations, but for simple tasks such as updating user profiles and creating blog posts, a business user or administrative assistant can be taught to carry out the task.

Content Management Systems, Quality Assurance and User Experience Testing

There are other website development platforms such as Wix and SquareSpace, however, there are many advanced scenarios where it is extremely difficult to implement a website feature. At the same time, these platforms can become bulky on the back-end with loading heavy scripts and resources that are difficult to optimize.

After development is complete, our team at Optimal Pursuits performs quality assurance and user experience testing tasks. As part of quality assurance, we make sure the website looks professional across all major devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile. We also make sure the website maintains renders appropriately across all popular website browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer.

As part of user experience testing, we hire third party testers to perform particular website tasks. For example, we request the tester to describe at a glance what one thinks the website is trying to convey. Another example is that we ask the tester find a way to contact the company via the form. Before we ask our clients to approve the final website, we receive a multitude of feedback from our testers that help strengthen the website user experience.

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Releasing Your Website To The Public

Once you approve the final website, we release the website to the public. You are now ready to receive traffic from various sources. You can safely know that visitors will be able to interact with your website and have an amazing experience.

Considering Building or Updating Your Website?

Let’s discuss your unique project requirements to see if we are a fit. Optimal Pursuits can offer best-practice insights before you start a website design project. Our offices are located 10 minutes away from Kenosha, Wisconsin and we can meet to discuss your website design needs. Schedule a time to talk below.

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