The goal of the Yuriy Remodeling website is to generate leads via a quote submission form. In order to drive traffic to the website, three search engine optimized (SEO) articles of the main services were created to allow Google to rank these pages faster. On top of this, when potential clients are searching for custom finish carpentry services in the local area (Kenosha/Pleasant Prairie), Yuriy Remodeling Google My Business profile will show up with more business information.

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With the recent move to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin from Round Lake, IL, Yuriy needed to establish his business presence in the new city and state. Yuriy Remodeling specializes in custom finish carpentry, which mainly includes crown molding, cabinet and door installations. The company also offers coffered ceiling and window installations. Once the finish carpentry business is healthier, Yuriy will introduce tile work to the service offering in which he has a decade of experience. But one thing at a time, says Yuriy. While Yuriy has repeat clients in Lake County cities like Northbrook, Deerfield, Glenview and Gurnee, he would like to expand his client base in Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha. In order to do so, Yuriy Remodeling will offer custom finish carpentry discounts to local residents.


The challenge is to build an easthetically pleasing website that aligns with the theme of finish carpentry. It is important to establish branding early on, which will include a logo, favicon, color scheme, font selection and other design that elements that must remain consistent across the website and into future marketing efforts.

Another challenge is to describe what Yuriy Remodeling stands for, its goals and values. Then, it’s necessary to define the target audience and build content that will actively engage the audience. Then, we need to gauge the local competition and see how we can build visibility in the community.

While building an aesthetically pleasing website helps with business credibility, it is equally important to position the website to be found by the Google search engine and displayed to potential visitors. This steps deals with Search Engine Optimization. So, we can go ahead and list the services Yuriy Remodeling offers and describe the features; however, we must extensively describe the benefits to a potential client. This means a sentence or five will not suffice. We must write content that will define a service, explain its benefits and paint the picture in why the service is worth investing in.


To make sure Yuriy Remodeling website appears in Google search results, we will optimize each webpage for a keyword that we are trying to rank in. For example, the crown molding service will have the keyword “crown molding” in the page often. This is a signal to Google that the particular service page is describing crown molding. Based on this and many more factors in the Google algorithm, we are influencing Google to rank us for that webpage. While repetition of a keyword is one factor in the equation, the quality of the content is far more important. This is where Optimal Pursuits offers professional copywriting services that optimally describe the quality of services offered by Yuriy Remodeling.


Optimal Pursuits implemented a one page website that describes the values, services, guarantees and goals of Yuriy Remodeling. The site includes an about us section that briefly describes Yuriy Remodeling. There is also a section with the customer service items that are provided, which include flexible appointments, a complimentary quote, and competitive prices.

Next, there is a section that briefly describes the services and includes a branded rose-colored button that can be clicked to learn more about the service. Once clicked, a visitor can learn about what a service is, how many customizable options are available as well as benefits to having the service installation complete.

After defining the benefits, there is a call to action that will prompt the reader to submit a quote request for the particular service. On top of all the visual implementations, Optimal Pursuits configured a Google My Business profile, which is a must to-do item for all businesses that offer area-based services. The profile shows up when an individual searches for a combination of keywords that uniquely resonate with Yuriy Remodeling such as “Yuriy Finish Carpentry”, ” Yuriy Kenosha Carpentry Crown Molding” or “Kenosha custom crown molding”.


It takes time for Google to scan a fresh website and examine the quality of the content that is available on the site. Remember that Google wants to do the very best job of matching an individual’s search with a high-quality result. Search Engine Optimization takes time to build momentum, but once it does, Yuriy Remodeling will reap the benefits of organic visitors without an additional marketing investment.

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